Monday, 17 December 2012

Casting 3rd grade

3rd A
Group 1
Group 2
Hugo Diego the tiger Alex Diego the tiger
Mar Sid the sloth Valeria Sid the sloth
Sofia Manny the mammoth Guillem Manny the mammoth
Gemma Mum Laia Mum
David Dad Paula Dad
Yosra Human 1 Marcos Human 1
Anthony Human 2 Ruben Human 2
Elias Tiger 1 Laura Tiger 1
Joan Tiger 2 Andrea Tiger 2
Judith Tiger 3 Carla Big Animal 1
Adrià Big Animal 1 Carlos Big Animal 2
Ainhoa Big Animal 2

3rd B
Group 1
Group 2
Adrià Diego the tiger Ivan Diego the tiger
Maxi Sid the sloth Anna Sid the sloth
Gemma Manny the mammoth Júlia Manny the mammoth
Raul Dad Adrià Dad
Natalia Mum Ainhoa Mum
Andoni Human 1 Isamar Human 1
Lucia Human 2 Rubén Human 2
Marc Tiger 1 Lydia Tiger 1
Javi Tiger 2 Laura Tiger 2
Ona Tiger 3 Carla Tiger 3
Artur Big Animal 1 David Tiger 4
Carla Big Animal 2 Martí Big Animal 1

Laia Big Animal 2

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