Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pictures 4th Grade

Videos of 1st Grade

The students of the 1st course acted out "Gingerbread Man". Here are the videos for you to watch.

1st. A

1st. B



These are the caracters of the story:

Group 1
Group 2
Nora Narrator 1 Miguel Narrator 1
Isaias Narrator 2 Kalil Narrator 2
Maria Old woman Carla Old woman
Joel Old man Gerard Old man
Marc Gingerbread man 1 Javier Gingerbread man 1
Èric Gingerbread man 2 Laia Gingerbread man 2
Isaac Cow Irene Cow
Yaiza Horse Ainhoa Horse
Judith Cat Noelia Cat
Elisa Dog Jeanette Dog
Andrea Pig Rubén Pig
Rut Fox Adrià C. Fox
Izan Chicken Hajar Chicken

1st B
Group 1
Group 2
Sandra Narrator 1 Kilian Narrator 1
Abril Narrator 2 Ferran Narrator 2
Ariadna Old woman Joel Old woman
Edgar Old man Leire Old man
Aina Gingerbread man 1 Vitoria Gingerbread man 1
Marc Gingerbread man 2 Lucia Gingerbread man 2
David Cow Guillem Cow
Mohamed Horse Adrián M. Horse
Bradreddine Cat Lautaro Cat
Elias Dog Irene Dog
Brian Pig Àlex Pig
Maria Fox Adrià Fox

Anna Chicken

Videos 2nd Grade

This are the videos of "Little Red Riding Hood" the students of 2nd. Grade acted out. 

2nd A group 1

2nd A group 2

2nd B group 1

2nd B group 2


Videos 4th Grade

4th A group 1

4th A group 2

4th B group 1

4th B group 2



This is what students did.

5 thA
Group 1
Group 2
Jordi Narrator 1 Aida Narrator 1
Maria Narrator 2 Alba Narrator 2
Roberto A. Robin Hood Marcos Robin Hood
Carlos Little John Ferran Little John
Paula Lady Marian Nerea Lady Marian
Laura Nurse Carla Nurse
Reinaldo Sheriff Marc Sheriff
Said Sheriff assistant 1 Daniel Sheriff assistant 1
Natàlia Sheriff assistant 2 Clàudia Sheriff assistant 2
Antònia Peasant 1 Cristina Peasant 1
Alba Peasant 2 Salomé Peasant 2

5th B
Group 1
Group 2
Selma Narrator 1 Kilian Narrator 1
Daniel V. Narrator 2 Ferran Narrator 2
Alan Robin Hood Àlex Robin Hood
Marc Little John Mohsin Little John
Sònia Lady Marian Estefania Lady Marian
Itziar Nurse Júlia Nurse
Gerard Sheriff Adrián Sheriff
Oriol Sheriff assistant 1 Berta Sheriff assistant 1
Julián Sheriff assistant 2 Pau Sheriff assistant 2
Miriam Peasant 1 Fede Peasant 1
Laura Peasant 2 Marina Peasant 2
Dani C. Peasant 3 Roger Peasant 3

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Videos 3rd grade

 3rd grade acted out "ICE AGE". This is the result of their work:

3rd A Group 2

3rd A Group 1

3rd B group 1

3rd B group 2

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Videos 6th grade

These are the students and what they did.
6th A
Group 1
Group 2
Anna Narrator 1 Cristina Narrator 1
Maria P. Narrator 2 Sara Narrator 2
Mireia Mother Clàudia Mother
Adrià Jim Miguel Àngel Jim
Ikram Captain Bones Rubén Captain Bones
Victor Captain Jack Albert Captain Jack
Iván Doctor Daniel Doctor
Said Sailor 1 Marc Sailor 1
Natàlia Long John Silver Andy Long John Silver
Antònia Pirate 1 Arnau Pirate 1
Alba Pirate 2 Àngels Pirate 2
Maria M. Ben Gunn Sabina Ben Gunn

6th B
Group 1
Group 2
Mouslim Narrator 1 Núria Narrator 1
Alejandro Narrator 2 David Narrator 2
Mai Jim Marc Jim
Ranchy Captain Bones Iván Captain Bones
Daniel Captain Jack Selena Captain Jack
Ariadna Doctor Carles Doctor
Emma Sailor 1 Andrea Sailor 1
Ana J. Sailor 2

Laura Long John Silver Max Long John Silver
Fayssal Pirate 1 Caolina Pirate 1
Anas Pirate 2 Fenda Pirate 2
Ana D. Ben Gunn Oriol Ben Gunn

Pictures Theatre 3r B

Monday, 17 December 2012

Casting 4th. B

4th. B
Group 1
Group 2
Marina Dr. Oz Arnau Dr. Oz
Antonio Dr. Who Laia P. Dr. Who
Antoni H. Presenter Alex Presenter
Ivan B. Assistant Alejandro Assistant
Martí Applause boy Joan Applause boy
Iman Audience 1 Hugo Audience 1
Carla Audience 2 Xavi Audience 2
Antoni C. Audience 3 Ivan Audience 3
Claudia C. Audience 4 Andrea Audience 4
Alba Audience 5 Laia M. Audience 5
Josep Audience 6 Claudia P. Audience 6
Andrea A. Audience 7 Chaymae Audience 7
Fernanda Audience 8

Casting 4th. A

4th. A
Group 1
Group 2
Javier C. Dr. Oz Raul Dr. Oz
Claudia Dr. Who Denisse Dr. Who
Pol Presenter Izan Presenter
Hugo Assistant Marta Assistant
Javier E. Applause boy Alba R. Applause boy
Emma Audience 1 Martí Audience 1
Adrian Audience 2 Enric Audience 2
Evelyn Audience 3 Carla Audience 3
Armando Audience 4 Rebeca Audience 4
Aitana Audience 5 Manu Audience 5
Daiel Audience 6 Aitor Audience 6
Fatu Audience 7 Alba V. Audience 7
Sheila Audience 8

Casting 3rd grade

3rd A
Group 1
Group 2
Hugo Diego the tiger Alex Diego the tiger
Mar Sid the sloth Valeria Sid the sloth
Sofia Manny the mammoth Guillem Manny the mammoth
Gemma Mum Laia Mum
David Dad Paula Dad
Yosra Human 1 Marcos Human 1
Anthony Human 2 Ruben Human 2
Elias Tiger 1 Laura Tiger 1
Joan Tiger 2 Andrea Tiger 2
Judith Tiger 3 Carla Big Animal 1
Adrià Big Animal 1 Carlos Big Animal 2
Ainhoa Big Animal 2

3rd B
Group 1
Group 2
Adrià Diego the tiger Ivan Diego the tiger
Maxi Sid the sloth Anna Sid the sloth
Gemma Manny the mammoth Júlia Manny the mammoth
Raul Dad Adrià Dad
Natalia Mum Ainhoa Mum
Andoni Human 1 Isamar Human 1
Lucia Human 2 Rubén Human 2
Marc Tiger 1 Lydia Tiger 1
Javi Tiger 2 Laura Tiger 2
Ona Tiger 3 Carla Tiger 3
Artur Big Animal 1 David Tiger 4
Carla Big Animal 2 Martí Big Animal 1

Laia Big Animal 2

Thursday, 13 December 2012

2n. A - Casting

Group 1
Group 2
Jordi Narrator 1 Alejandro Narrator 1
Arnau Narrator 2 Ivan Narrator 2
Jose Narrator 3 Biel Narrator 3
Mireia Narrator 4 David M. Narrator 4
Nadia Narrator 5 Mireia Little Red Riding Hood 1
Emma Little Red Riding Hood 1 Júlia Little Red Riding Hood 2
Carla Little Red Riding Hood 2 Mar Mum
Paula Mum Mohamed Wolf 1
Adrià Wolf 1 Sergi Wolf 2
Joan Wolf 2 Alba Grandma
Kawtar Grandma David V. Huntsman
Quam Huntsman

2n B - Casting

Group 1
Group 2
Biel Narrator 1 Paula Narrator 1
Issam Narrator 2 Aya Narrator 2
Lluis Narrator 3 Izan Narrator 3
Jose Narrator 4 Adrià Narrator 4
Alexandra Little Red Riding Hood 1 Maria Narrator 5
Carla Little Red Riding Hood 2 Nahid Little Red Riding Hood 1
Sandra Mum Martina Little Red Riding Hood 2
Nil Wolf 1 Mar Mum
Pau Wolf 2 Daniel Wolf 1
Giselle Grandma Joel Wolf 2
David Huntsman Angie Grandma

Marc Huntsman

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ice Age

  This term we are reading the book "Ice Age". We are going to watch the movie and represent the story in an adapted play.
  The movie Ice Age is a 2002 American computer-animated adventure comedy film.
The story follows three Paleolithical mammals attempting to return a lost human baby to its parents.
  In Science we are studying our past, explaining our live. 
 An Ice Age, or more precisely, a Glacial Age, is a period of long-term reduction in the temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental ice sheets, polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. 

Little Red Riding Hood

During the first term we are working the parts of the body. We are learning the song "Head and Shoulders", "Ten feet" and "Keep moving" and we are going to represent the play "Little Red Riding Hood".

Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Little Red Cap or simply Red Riding Hood, is an European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story was first published by The Grimm brothers. 

Head and Shoulders, knees and Toes

Monday, 29 October 2012

Dr. OZ Show

During the first term we work the human body, the healty nutrition and the food pyramid. The play we represent is about a TV show where a doctor, Dr. OZ, with the help of the audience and of Dr. Who, explains the food pyramid.