Thursday, 8 May 2014

Science: The Earth

          This term we are studying the Earth. We study the seven continents (Asia, America, Africa, Antarctica, Europe and Oceania), the five oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Artarctic), the water cycle (evaporation, precipitation, condensation and collection) and the atmosphere (air, oxygen and protection). 

       Here is a video with a song about the continents, but they say Australia instead of Oceania.

 Here is a video animation about the water cycle. It is  funny.
The Water Cycle

Science: Animals

This term we are studying the animals in English.

We are going to learn the name of the animals and how to classify them. Animals can be:

- Vertebrates: they have a skeleton.
- Invertebrates: they have no skeleton.
- Oviparous: they lay eggs.
- Viviparous: they do not lay eggs.

We study how animals move, too:

- Animals can run, hop, walk, swim, fly, slither...